Corn Burning Stove FAQ's

Some must know questions about corn stoves.

How much corn does it use?

Typically a corn burning stove use approximately 1 bushel of corn per day with a bushel weights 56 lbs, storage / disposal Corn is important.

How large an area will it heat?

This will vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

How do I clean out the stove?

If you are burning the stove continuously with sheled corn you will have to remove a clinker, one solid rock like piece of ash about the size of your fist, once each day. This is done in about 20 seconds, while the stove is still running.

How do I start the stove?

Put a useful of wood shavings or wood pellets into the firebox, squirt on some starter gel or lighter fluid on top and light. By the time you make a cup of coffee, the stove will be running.

How much corn does it hold?

Corn stoves hold one bushel or more and will burn for approximately 24 hours or more depending on the model.

Can I control the heat?

Yes, there are thermostat controls on the stove to control both the room fan and the corn flow into the firepot.

How is the heat circulated?

A variable speed fan in the stove circulates the air around the room. In reality a corn stove is a convection heater.

What type of corn can be used?

All grades of corn will burn in the stove, however the higher the grade of corn the cleaner it will burn and the more heat it will produce. We recommend using screened corn for the best results.

Do I need a chimney?

A corn stove uses a direct vent system, something like a dryer. In other words you can put it straight through the wall.

What if my power goes off during a storm?

Your stove does need electricity to operate the blowers, so it will go out without you equip it with an emergency power supply prior to it going out. Stoves can run on a car battery that is hooked into a power inverter.

Why corn stoves?

The corn stove is a natural choice that addresses many issues. Number one it is environmentally friendly since it is so clean burning. Secondly, it is safe to operate and third, it gives our farming community a market for their products so when you burn corn you are helping them the most. For more interesting facts you may look at my About Corn stove Guide Page.