Correct Arrow Size for Your Bow

Arrow size is very important. In this short article we will go over a couple things to make sure you are receiving all the potential out of your arrows. When paying around $ 8 per arrow it is kind of stupid not to.

Why it is important to have correctly sized arrows:

On my compound bow it is marked that it has a 29 draw length. When everything is measured out I cut my arrows to 28-28.5. The arrows I'm using come at 31 ", that means if I purchased from lets say Wal-Mart (does not cut arrows) or a sporting goods store and did not have them cut down at all, my arrows would be almost 3 inches longer than they need to be. That is 3 more inches of flex and weight that I would be shooting. When you are talking about making that kill shot, every FPS helps.

Caution: Never cut your own arrows unless you are equipped to do so. Using the wrong tools can result in your tip not fitting correctly or damaging the carbon that can result in harm to you.

How to check for correct arrow length:

The first question is "are my current arrows the correct length for my compound bow?" This is most important because once you have your old arrows cut correctly you can grab one to take with you while buying new arrows. The majority of new bow hunters use arrows that are longer than they need to be.

To answer this question easily it is best to have another person so that they can mark the arrow for you.

Step 1: Place arrow on your bow rest and draw.

Step 2: While you are at full draw have a friend mark your arrow with a marker about an inch out on the exit end of your rest.

Step 3: Aiming in a safe direction slowly un-draw making sure you do it slowly.

Step 4: Using a tape measure from where the knock starts to the point of the arrow that was marked. This will give the length that the arrow should be. Anything longer than that mark just adds weight to the arrow and slows it down.

After gathering this information you can let the bow shop know when you purchase arrows. You can always take your current arrows and have them cut down as well. I know that Bass Pro only charges like.50 per arrow that they cut (not purchased their). Most places will cut arrows free when purchased.