Corrie ten Boom – The Roots of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

Corrie was a member of the ten Boom family who are devoted Christians who solely wants to serve the people as a way of worshipping the Lord. Anyone in need can go to their home and they’d welcome them with open arms. World War II broke out and the family of Corrie welcomed as many refuge as they can. The Nazis were hunting Jews and the ten Boom had been helping Jews who became fugitives. Overall, they had saved over 800 Jews from death camps of the Nazis. Casper ten Boom, the father, knew that by helping these people he in turn was risking his life and that of his family but this was how they wanted to live out their faith.

In 1944, they were betrayed by a secret police of the Nazis and their home was raided. The secret police set traps and captured several people who tried to go in the house. That night, they were able to catch more than 20 individuals and that includes Casper, Betsie and Corrie herself as well as her nephew Peter, and siblings Willem and Nollie. Fortunately, the Jews in the house managed to stay in hiding because of the secret hiding place behind the false wall.

Unfortunately, Casper died just 10 days after being imprisoned. Corrie ten Boom and Betsie had spent 10 grueling months from 1 prison to the next but they spent their time their sharing about the love of Jesus and they were able to convert several women into Christianity. Betsie died in the Ravensbruck concentration camp but Corrie lived.

Corrie ten Boom had received numerous awards for her family’s dedication to help save as many people as they could during that time. Many tributes were offered for her and she even received the War Hero honor from Holland’s very own queen.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is following the tradition of the ten Boom’s family of having prayer meetings for Israel’s restoration and for peace in Jerusalem. Because of the great inspiration of the ten Boom’s family and its effects to the members of the team, they launched the virtual museum where you can visit their house and their hiding place like you are actually there.

Now, the Jerusalem Prayer Team uses the power of the internet to get as many people as they can to join them in praying for Jerusalem. The Bible states that Jerusalem is the eternal covenant of God to His people. With war in Israel, they want to continue praying for peace in Israel and in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a non-profit organization. Even though it’s aimed for peace in Jerusalem, it is not at all funded by Israel. It gets its funding from the generous people who believe in their advocacy and willing to share their blessings to them. You can join them in their advocacy by simply signing up and pray daily for Jerusalem. They aim to get over 100,000 Americans praying daily for peace.