Cosmic Ceilings – A Unique Gift For a Child

One of the great things about a Cosmic Ceiling is that it is such an unusual and unique gift.

In a world where kids are presented with an array of gadgets and gizmos it is refreshing to know that there are still things out there that can provide immunity pleasure for years to come yet at the same time being something that is unique and personal to the individual .

A Cosmic Ceiling is hand-painted and can be personalized with a child's birth constellation or even have the stars mapped out on the exact date that they were born.

Each ceiling will have it's own unique characteristics so that no two ceilings will be the same.

The paintings will last for years to come so until the ceiling is ready for re-decoration the effects will always be seen. Even then, if only 1 coat of standard emulsion is applied over the Cosmic Ceiling to freshen it up, the quality of the cosmic paints used will still mean that the effects will remain visible. It is quite feasible for the effects to be visible in 20/30 years time if they have not been covered up by layers of paint.

A Cosmic Ceiling is also one of the best gifts for creating a surprise!

Most customers will have the ceiling created while their child is at nursery or school. A ceiling is usually created in around 2 to 4 hours so it can be completed in plenty of time before they return home. The great thing is that during the daytime or whilst the normal electric light is on in the room the effects will not be seen so it is possible that they will still have no idea that anything has been done on their bedroom ceiling.

As soon as the room becomes dark however – WOW!

They will be starring up at an array of stars and the Milky Way. Sometimes even a comet, shooting stars, constellations …….. planets.

It may have also been themed to a particular favorite of the child. Maybe Star Wars, fairies or TV characters?

A Cosmic Ceiling creates a wonderful relaxing environment and can help children who have difficulty in sleeping at night to have a restful nights sleep.

They are not just for children either. Many adults are now having them created in their own rooms particularly if they have had one done initially for their child. They will have usually spent a few days after their completion lying on the floor of their child's bedroom at night staring up at the newly completed ceiling and will want one of their own eventually.

They are also proving very popular with children suffering from autism and that will form the subject of a separate article.