Cosmic Ceilings Are a Unique Concept in Interior Decoration

When it comes to interior design and decorating not too much consideration is usually given to what can be done with a ceiling. Color and texture may be taken into account but little else.

A little known but unique concept, particularly for childrens bedrooms, is a Cosmic Ceiling. It is a type of mural with a twist!

Using specialized paints, materials and equipment, effects such as stars, the Milky Way, planets, constellations …. and more are hand-painted onto the surface of the ceiling. This process usually takes around 2 to 4 hours depending on the dimensions of the ceiling. The paintings themselves dry to a milky / off-white color and if applied to a white / pastel colored ceiling they will remain essentially invisible to the naked eye during daytime.

The paintings will then absorb the available light during daytime and at night when the curtains are drawn and the lights are switched off the ceiling will come to life. It is as if the roof has been removed from the home and you are left staring up into the Cosmos.

Children are fascinated by the magical way in which the effects disappear and appear when you turn the lights on and off.

Another aspect of them is that they can also be themed. If the child is keen on Star Wars, space travel, Dr.Who, fairies etc. then the ceiling can incorporated these also.

A Cosmic Ceiling can also be very much a part of the bedroom decoration / design of a child suffering with Autism or Asperger Syndrome because of its relaxing and therapeutic effects. Many parents with children suffering from autistic disorders have commented on how much it helps their child to focus on the colors and effects so promoting relaxation and sleep where they could remain restless and wake for hours.