Cost Effective Lula Elevators

Cost effective LULA elevators represent Limited Use/Limited Access elevators designed for individuals with disability and required by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) for commercial establishments. They may have limited features, making them cost-effective. LULA elevators also require less space to install and often require lesser pit area. These are elevators that are typically installed in schools, hospitals, churches, lodges and other public locations where expensive features found in residential and commercial elevators aren’t required. These are buildings people with disability visit, making the LULA elevator the best option, as these elevators must have plenty of space for wheelchairs.

o LULA elevators are fitted with automatic controls for easy operation and a smooth ride.

o They feature electromechanical interlocks to prevent movement of elevator when doors are open and also prevent hallway doors from opening while the elevator cabin is not at the floor or is moving.

o Emergency light and alarm, handrails, and emergency battery powered descent in event of power failure are the other features of cost effective LULA elevators.

o These elevators are also required to comply with safety codes prescribed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Cab options for certain LULA elevators include plastic laminate color choices, enamel finish wall panels or brushed stainless steel panels. Other options include brushed stainless steel base, brushed bronze metal finishes and plastic laminate faced door. While options are plenty, a LULA elevator cab is required to be equipped with protection pads and hooks, emergency exit at the top and exhaust fan. LULA elevators are generally reliable and can cope with frequent and rough use.

ThyssenKrupp Access offers the Flexi-Lift, a fully customizable LULA elevator. Door options range from manual accordion gates to side opening and bi-fold doors, while interior options include long-lasting metal panels with powder coat finish or laminate panels. An ADA-complaint phone is also among the options. Battery-operated light and alarm are also part of the emergency features.

Cost effective LULA elevators are just what you need for your public building if you’re looking for an inexpensive elevator that can be installed in as less space as possible. Life will just be better for your disabled clientele.