Costa Del Sol Lodging Options

Literally implying a 'sunny coast' the holiday destination of Costa del Sol is aptly named to portray its lovely beaches and sunny Mediterranean climate. And, though Spain features many other holiday destinations Costa del Sol is the preferred location due to its unique blend of mountainous terrain, beautiful rural landscape and lovely sandy beaches. This stretch of coastline, of approximately 150 kilometers, dominates the southern Spanish provincial area of ​​Malaga, and the lengthy coastal stretch of Andulacia, of Costa del Sol is a much sought after sunny haven and accommodation options are very much in demand.

This fascinating stretch of landscape dominating the Spanish southern coastline features a varied expanse of scenery combining beaches and a mountainous area adorned with cliffs, coves and valleys. The area can be divided in to two regions, the eastern Costa del Sol region leading east of the above mentioned city of Malaga, say about 54 kilometers, to the area bordering the province of Granada. That's to the east of Malaga, and to the west of Malaga city, a stretch of about 100 kilometers, leading up to the coastal area of ​​Gibraltar, is the western Costa del Sol area. The most sought after coastal towns in these regions are Terremolinas, Fuengirola and Benalmadena and they offer some of the best lodging options any one could ever dream of, especially considering the fact that they are coastal holiday getaways. If the inclining is to lead a more luxurious holiday its best to concentrate on the towns of Mijas, Puerto Banus and Marbella. Generally catering to the wealthy these areas feature a range of luxury villas.

The 'New Golden Mile' a west end coastal area is also a much occupied area of ​​Costa del Sol and it features various types of lodging options. Same goes for towns such as Estepona, San Luis de Sabinillas, Pedro de Alcantara and even Sotogrande, the western end of Costa del Sol, and they feature lodging options to suit different budgets as well as the different needs of individual travelers. And apart from the obvious attraction of the beaches the Andalucian mountainous landscape offers adventure for those who seek it. A little further away from the beaches, but overlooking the lovely ocean, are the villages of Benahavis and Nerja offering an incomparable experience, especially as the lodging options here are limited to farmhouses or typical village homes owned by the locals. This type of filing can be directly booked through the owners or if you are lucky the details may already be on the WWW.

Being a golfer's paradise, Costa del Sol offers some brilliant golfing vacations. Featuring a range of excellent golf courses catering to different player standards golfing vacations in this region is very much in demand. Lodging options are plenty around the golfing areas and they too come in a range of prices offering different facilities and amenities, and most often you will be able to book online.

For those who prefer a real adventure, you can build your vacation by checking out the range of lodging options available as you travel through the area and booking into your choice of Costa del sol hotels , apartments, villas or even a shack for a unique Spanish experience