Couples’ Chosen Destinations

Romantic Paris

Paris has been known as the most romantic city in the World. The couples feel like losing themselves in the streets of Paris. Why does Paris hold this special title of being a perfect destination for love birds? The hearts are filled with night lamps and eternal charm of the architecture. The couples can roam around, from Montmartre to Saint Germain, via Marais and by the side of Saint Martin. The beautiful city motivates the lovers to declare the depth of their love in the poetic manner. This place has been foundation for many poems, songs and romantic movies. Most of the view of Paris is covered with scenic beauty, which is much appreciated and enjoyed by the couples. There is so much to see, like beautiful landscape, wine regions, sunny and hot coastal areas, enchanting villages, castles, and many more memorable views.

Florence in Italy

Couples can spend their precious time in Florence, without being bothered about schedules and work. Some couples like to visit the museums, and some like to go for shopping. Most of the museums are closed on Mondays, so the couples can visit San Miniato al Monte. One of the best ideas of treating oneself is by having Tuscan feast with wine from the hills around Florence. Boboli gardens are there where you can relax, and let the hills and sunshine inspire the lovers to show their love. The best ice-cream around the world-‘Gelato’ had been introduced in Florence. Having a gelato with your loved one, and roaming on the beautiful streets of Florence, is a great idea for people in love. There are two significant squares to see in Florence, Piazza dell Signoria and Piazza dell Duomo. The stunning beauty of the city is difficult to be matched.

Paradise on earth: Kashmir (India)

A poet has stated- “If there is a paradise on the earth, it is in Kashmir”. The charm of Kashmir is its water i.e. lakes, rivers and springs all over the valley of Kashmir. The land is covered with a lot of fruits like apple, cherry, peach, plum almond etc. The life of Kashmir’s people is dominated by water, and houseboats. The extreme Northern area of India, covered with natural charm is known as Kashmir. It is known due to its scenic beauty.

The people in Kashmir are highly helpful and friendly. The beauty, peace and weather are the charm of this place. The places to visit are Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg, Dal Lake, Manasbal Lake etc. Dal Lake is renowned for the famous shikara ride and houseboats. The Manasbal Lake is also known for Lotus flower in summer season, and is a spot for watching birds. Kashmir is the place where land, water and mountains meet. There are Mughal gardens in Kashmir which add to the beauty of Kashmir. The couples generally visit this place for honeymoon, i.e. beginning of the married life, so that the heavenly and beautiful experience makes their life beautiful and full of love.

It is truly said that if the ambience and place is romantic, then every day becomes a valentine’s day. Couples can choose any one of the above destinations for a memorable experience.