Craft Ideas Using Hangers

If you are one of the many who have converted from impractical wire hangers to a closet full of matching wood or plastic clothes hangers you are probably wondering what to do with all those wire hangers. Look no further. Here are some great craft ideas made with wire hangers. These crafts are fun for any school age child and you as well.

Hanger puppets are a great craft to stimulate your child's imagination. For this craft you will need a wire hanger, an old pair of nylon stockings, yarn, pipe cleaners, felt scraps, buttons, wiggly eyes, glue, and scissors. First stretch the wire hanger into a diamond or oval shape and bend the hook of the hanger into a circle or oval and tape in place to prevent any body getting poked. Next, stretch the nylon stockings over the diamond or oval shape and tie off at the bottom. Then let your kids go wild decorating their puppets. They can make them look like faces or animals or whatever their heart desires. At the end, they can put on a puppet show for friends and family.

Hanger decorations can be made for any season or occasion. To get started you will need colored tissue paper, glue, scissors, construction paper, and some colored markers for drawing in details. You and your child can choose what decorations you wish to create, but a few ideas are a bumble bee, a butterfly, a pumpkin, or a sun. Bend the hanger into an oval or circle. Unfold the tissue paper and lay out on a flat surface. Place your hanger shape on top of the tissue paper and trace the outline onto the tissue paper. Cut out the shape and use as a template on another piece of tissue paper. Now you have two circles or ovals of tissue paper. Place them on either side of the hanger and glue the edges together.

Based on what you've decided to create, now you can cut out stripes of black paper for a bumble bee, colorful wings for a butterfly or maybe some yellow rays for a sun. Cut out eyes from construction paper or draw them on with a marker. When you're finished you'll have a fabulous creation to hang on your wall or in your child's room. Use the hanger's hook end to hang it on.

To make a dream catcher you will need ribbons of various colors, yarn, beads, and feathers. Bend the hanger into a circle shape and wrap with ribbon. Make a web by stringing yarn and ribbon across the circle and tie off at the bottom leaving ends to create a tail. If you want to include beads, string them on the yarn at various points while wrapping it around the circle to create a web. Feathers can be tied or glued on. This craft can help facilitate teaching your kids about different cultures and beliefs.

These creative craft ideas should keep you and your kids busy and use up the supply of wire hangers you have lying around. Crafts are always a fantastic way to connect with and encourage your children. Relax and have fun.