Crafting a Thread Spool Holder Using a Dowel

Dowels are a useful tool for woodworking projects. But they are versatile enough to be used for other purposes, too. Together, this reliably inexpensively supply and your woodworking talent can be used to make projects that extend to other hobbies. For instance, consider using a dowel to craft a thread spool holder. Easy access to and storage for your threads is only a dowel rod and a few easy steps away from possible.

1. Using a dowel of 1/8 inch diameter and approximately 48 inches long, measure three inch lengths with a tape measure, carefully marking each section. Consider more or less dowel length depending on the size of the spool holder you wish to make, the number of spool holders you wish to make, or the amount of thread you have to store.

2. Cut the sections using a saw.

3. Use sandpaper to carefully smooth the edges of each section cut.

4. Depending upon the number of dowel pegs you wish to use, approximate and secure the size of the wood that you will use as the holder's base. Bear in mind that it is best to allow at least two inches between dowel pegs to accommodate various thread spool sizes, as well as to allow for a thickness that will accommodate the three inch dowel pegs, as they will be inserted into the base later in the project.

5. Prepare the wood for drilling by marking it where the dowel pegs will be inserted. Leave a one inch margin between the outer edges of the wood and the first mark of each row. Then, continue by marking the wood in two inch increments, side to side and front to back.

6. Using a 1/8 inch bit, drill a depth of about 3/4 inch into each mark made into the wood.

7. Drop some wood glue into each drilled hole.

8. Insert a single wood dowel peg into each hole, and allow some time for the glue to dry.

9. If you so desire, paint the thread spool holder to add color to it, or to complete a sewing or crafting room or space. If you choose to paint the thread spool holder, allow ample time for drying before placing spools of thread on the dowel pegs.

With a little imagination, the versatility of a quality hardwood dowel extends beyond the norm of woodworking projects and can be creatively used to simplify and organize within other hobbies as well.