Crane Collapse

Construction accidents can be devastating, especially when heavy machinery is involved. One of the most potentially damaging pieces of equipment on any construction site is the crane. When cranes are improperly constructed or operated, they may collapse, crushing anything in their path. Construction workers and bystanders alike are at risk of being severely injured or killed in a crane collapse accident. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a construction accident, consider consulting with a construction accident attorney as soon as possible.

Accident Factors

Every construction project involves a collaboration of many different teams and ideas. Anyone who commits an error or fails to do their job safely could cause a construction accident to occur. Some of the factors that could lead to a crane collapse accident include:

  • Failure to properly bolt down the crane

  • Lack of support to the crane mast

  • Crane operator error

  • Rigging contractor error

  • Overextended boons

A crane collapse could be the fault of the crane operator, other construction crew members, the rigging contractor, management, or others involved in the crane’s setup and operation. People are most at risk of being hurt in an accident when the job is rushed or workers act carelessly.

Recovering Compensation

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a crane collapse accident, someone may be liable for the dangerous conditions that led to your injuries. You and your family may be entitled to financial compensation to cover all of your accident-related costs, including medical bills, lost income from time off of work, recovery costs, and pain and suffering. By initiating a civil lawsuit, your family can fight to recover the accident compensation that you may deserve.

For More Information

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