Create a New Image With Dodge Charger Aftermarket Accessories

The new Dodge Charger is an everlasting classic that can be customized in any possible way to create a new image. Customizing your own Charger means you can add features and custom parts that do not come standard on the vehicle. Now more than ever, you can create a new image by adding some simple or extreme aftermarket accessories from bumper to bumper.

Why create a new image? The reason Charger owners decide to restyle is clear and simple; not everyone is content with standard factory design. Customize your Dodge Charger to add distinctiveness to your ride and your own personal brand of style. What better way to accomplish this task? By replacing or adding new aftermarket parts and accessories.

A starting point to enhancing the image of the Charger is to upgrade the exterior appearance. Most of the external aftermarket accessories are basically designed to improve stock parts or enhance the outside without additional modification or alterations to the body. Dodge Charger exterior accessories include custom grilles, chrome trim accessories and body styling kits like aerodynamic body kits, front spoiler, rear roof wing, and rear trunk spoiler or simply removing factory emblems and decals. Furthermore, you could even get more extreme by installing body styling kits, custom paint, Shave doors, and lambo style vertical doors

Are you a speed star, power buff or a combination of both? Unleash the high performance potential of your Charger engine with assortment of performance chips, tuners and modules. You are guaranteed extra horsepower, tire-turning torque and a lot better fuel economy. Then again, if you like your Charger in its present factory state, you can easily add some do-it-your-self upgrades by adding performance air filters, air intake systems, upgrade brakes and brake pads, performance exhaust system and oil filters for average performance.

Looking for custom wheels, rims or tire and wheel package to replace your stock wheels? I have news for you. You can easily replace and upgrade your stock wheels to aftermarket style wheels. Most aftermarket wheels are lighter, inexpensive and offer different patterns to fit different lifestyles. With the Dodge Charger, you can easily fit up to 26-inch wheel seamlessly, if you obtain the wheel with the right offset. If you finally looking to purchase the right wheel for your ride, start the search locally or search online for a wheel you can be comfortable with in any size or finish.

There is a huge selection of aftermarket interior accessories that you can use to personalize the inside of your vehicle such as accessories for protection, style and comfort. Dodge Charger interior accessories can be any or combination of the following; adding custom designed floor mats, aluminum racing pedals, navigation systems, custom designed sunshade, steering wheel covers, wood dash accent trim, and even some high-quality seat covers like sheepskin or Katzkin aftermarket leather to add a little bit of pizazz and comfort that easily surpasses the look, feel and durability of the stock seats. For your interior upgrade, you can easily add backup sensors or backup alarm with camera, music and audio upgrade, GPS navigation system, and also you can have iPod kits and interface; using an iPod interface will enable you to charge your iPod while at the same time listening and provide you with near CD-quality sound from the factory radio.

The Dodge Charger like the Chrysler 300 or 300C, is a road stud; a power beast on the road, or at the tracks. Left in its present form, it will perform at a maximum level with adequate power and superior handling. However, enough is never enough. If you wish to rev up your Charger to extreme capacity, you’re welcome to doing so without hesitation, because the new Dodge Charger is receptive to additional tuning and added modifications without limitations. With the supercharged Dodge Charger in motion, there is no holds barred.