Create Long Term Advertising With Custom Auto Sun Shades

Custom auto sun shades placed in cars are mainly used for 2 reasons. The first reason that a person would use these car sunshades is to help reduce the heat in the vehicle. The second reason to use auto sun shades is to prevent people from seeing into the car or vehicle. This is especially useful when shopping and when items purchased are left in the car. The old saying out-of-sight, out-of-mind comes into play here.

Businesses like to offer car sunshades that are custom printed with their logo or message. Just think of the advertising value created from handing out a useful promotional car sun shade with a company’s logo message in exchange for the receiver to use and promote the message by placing the custom auto sun shade on the windshield of their car.

The types of companies that use car sun shades in their marketing and advertising planning are: car dealers, insurance companies, auto parts stores, companies whose parking areas are in high sunlight areas.

Non-profit groups and associations who look for unique fund-raising methods, also look to promote their association or event by selling custom printed promotional sunshades. A unique way to help offset the cost of the imprinting cost and purchase of the sunshades is to look for a sponsor. The sponsor’s logo can be added to the imprint onto the car sunshades in exchange for advertising dollars spent. This will reduce the cost to the fundraiser group thus increasing the expenses and increasing profits. These car sunshades will actually reduce the overall heat in the vehicle by a few degrees as well as reduce the heat of the seats and steering.

Another reason to consider vehicle sunshades is that they have a long advertising life and are considered a valuable item by car owners. Seek out a promotional products distributor for the sunshade options available where a logo can be imprinted onto.