Create That Relaxing Room – Minus the Horrendous Cost

If you want to have a nice, livable spare room in your house you do not have to spend that much money. A few alterations here and there is all it takes to turn a barren room to a relaxing and welcoming abode for any guest.


Typically, spare rooms do not enjoy the same attention given to the well-used rooms in the house. That's why a dull room can have such an impact on a guest. When a person enters a gray room, he or she recognizes early on that the room was not really occupied before he or she arrived.

Since spare rooms are mostly small, do not use strong colors on all the walls. Imagine sitting in a small room with dark green walls and a dark green ceiling. A person can suffer from claustrophobia from just staring at a small room made even smaller by the wrong color.

If you want to use strong colors, paint only one or two parts of the room. Leave the ceiling and the other half of the wall. You can combine strong and light hues of the same color. For example, a strong shade of gold and a light shade of corn-yellow.

Laminate flooring

Remove carpets and similar flooring materials before installing laminate flooring. According to Jake Brewer, a contractor for a small home-construction firm:

"Laminate flooring is by far the easiest ways to re-introduce some sort of distinction into a room.

Laminate flooring tiles float, so make sure you have a small wooden mallet ready. Simply link the flooring tiles and tap lightly with the mallet to fit. Imagine yourself linking particularly large pieces of a nice jigsaw puzzle.

As a warning, make sure that there are no water leaks in the room, as water may build up under the laminate flooring that may cause problems in the future.

Blinds One way to make an unused room homey is by installing blinds. Blinds that imitate bamboo slats are particularly comfortable and is relaxing to look at. Installation is simple: simply use rawl plugs so that screws may attach safely to stone walls.

If you have a house made mostly of wood, five to eight-inch screws will do. Have a spotter guide you to make sure that the bamboo blinds are completely level before you introduce the locking screw into its final place.


To beautify the space even more, linens and curtains should be used. According to Lisa Baxter, an interior decorator based in the UK:

"Matching colors are the best way to go. Linens are actually independent of wall colors, so make the most out of your color experiments."

Thin and translucent curtains can be used to highlight bamboo-slat blinds. A richer color of the same hue may be used for the linens, such as the bed covers and pillow cases.

Natural accents in the room, such as richly-colored cabinets and book cases add to the natural elegance of the room. At least two sources of lighting should be present like an overhead light source and a dim light near the bed or on a small table.