Creating a Beautiful Solar Landscape Lighting Plan

With all of the advantages available to a homeowner who selects solar lighting, a great deal of flexibility is available when planning a design to illuminate your favorite home and garden features. Solar accent lights are available in many sleek designs from numerous manufacturers. Gone are the days of the generic canned solar lights with no real character for your yard. Now there are multiple fixtures offering various LED colors and light fixtures that offer multiple display and mounting options. This presents homeowners with great flexibility and opportunity with solar powered accent lighting readily available at retail sites or on the internet.

Understanding that investing in solar lights will be nearly cost and maintenance free, you can become very creative in your design planning. You can also feel great about the costs you are saving for electricity and for doing your part to protect the environment. Here are a few tips that you can use when designing your landscape lighting plan.

Too Much Light Is Too Much: Your yard is not the Las Vegas Strip so do not overdo it with too much light. You certainly want adequate lighting for safety and security but you do not want to flood out the night. Too much light creates the wrong atmosphere and you want to allow light from the moon and stars to also have an influence on your home and garden features.

Light Your Ways: Many homeowners have pathways, driveways, walkways, or any combination of these. Use accent lighting to create a safe pathway for easy navigation. Many time landscape paths have edges or slight drop-offs or steps that should be illuminated for safe stepping. Driveways are another place to create an illuminated path so that vehicles can safely enter and exit the driveway without damaging other plants or other items that may be displayed nearby.

There are many solar accent lighting fixtures with ground stakes that can be easily placed to create a landing strip type of feel for your pathways and driveways. A series of smaller less intensive lights separated by equal distances of four to six feet creates a great pathway or driveway. Even if you do not have identified paths along your home or garden you will want to illuminate your favorite route for easy walking.

Let The Moon Be Your Guide: This relates to the first step. As a suggestion you may not want to light your landscape any brighter that a night presenting a full moon without cloud interference. Your garden lighting should not overwhelm your yard.

Notice The Light Not The Source: You want to provide accent lighting to your yard for safety, security, and to present the best features of your landscape. When possible try to hide the source of your lights unless they have a decorative design to improve your display. You want the attention on the light but not the light fixtures themselves. Solar powered spotlights are a great example as they are smaller and generally installed close to ground level. They can be aimed in various directions allowing for a more intense light to be displayed upward while the fixture itself easily blends into surrounding plants or at the base of a tree or rock.

Apply In Moderation: Do not overdo it with too many decorative light fixtures. You can choose a few different fixtures but try and stay consistent throughout your design. A few carefully chosen fixtures with similar LED colors and outputs allows you to display great style and taste to your home and garden. Too many different fixtures with too many colors or changes will not offer the presentation for you.

Show Your Favorite Features: If you have a favorite tree or a beautiful water feature or a stunning rock or sculpture bring attention to it. Illuminating the trunk of a beautiful tree or its branches brings out a lot of beauty that your landscape has to offer. These features often are more impressive at night and tend to stand out more with accent lights or spotlights highlighting them at night.