Creating a Children's Fishing Game

During summer's hot and humid days, many seeks the comfort and enjoyment of water activities. Swimming, boating, skiing, and fishing are among these. Swimming and "fishing" are great ways to keep children active and happy during the dog days of summer and can be accomplished rather inexpensively and with minimal worry as compared to a day on the waters of an in-ground pool, lake, or river. Purchase a small children's pool and plastic beach toys from a local department store, as well as a dowel, string, and magnet from a local craft store, and get set for some great times and memories with the little ones in your life!

Fashion fishing poles using dowel rods. Do so by first determining the appropriate circumference and length for each based on the ages and sizes of the children who will be using them.

Using a pencil, mark each dowel segment based on the desired length. Then, use a hand saw to cut at the mark. Depending on the cleanness of the cut, you may find lightly sanding the cut to be helpful.

About an inch from the end, lightly V-notch one end of the dowel segment. This will be an area in which the string is placed, giving a little extra stationary support.

Determine an appropriate length of string. Although the purpose is to allow the children to have fun, also consider what is an appropriate length based on the child's age and level of understanding of safety. Certainly bear in mind any risks of strangling.

Tie and knot the string in the V-notch. You may wish to further stabilize it by adding hot glue.

Then, add a magnet to the opposite, dangling end of the string, again using hot glue to keep it attached.

Finally, strategically glue polarized magnets to the plastic beach toys such that magnetic pick-up is accomplished easily and without frustration for youngsters. Use any toy that will bring enjoyment to the children, but consider typical water critters or environs, such as fish, crabs, starfish, seaweed, or shells, as the most environmentally-appropriate choices. Children to allow directive "fish" with the wood Dowel color : as they 're enjoy time in the Reviews pool.

These are the main steps necessary for completing such a project. However, if desired, creative touches can be added as well. For instance, consider having the child paint the dowel and add fishing related touches, like fingerprint fish or fishing stickers, before applying the string. Or lightly glue ocean-themed ribbon strips to the hand-held end of the hardwood dowel segment. This creative touch is also quite functional, adding comfort and grip for tiny hands.

This craft can be used by anyone who has small children to entertain or educate, including parents, grandparents, pre-school, daycare, or early childhood teachers, or summer camp instructors.