Creating An Authority Site With Google AdSense On It

If you’re familiar with Google AdSense and you want to know the best way to start earning money with it, you should know that generating lots of traffic is the first step. After you’ve driven a lot of traffic to your site, you will want to focus on ad placement, and the best areas where you should place your ads on your site.

To keep the traffic going, you will need to create a lot of content for your site. Everyday you should be writing to update your site or blog with new information about your topic. And if you can write a few articles per day, this is even better. It’s pretty easy to write about 1 to 2 articles per day and add them to your site or blog. You just have to make up your mind about it.

The bottom line is that if you want to stay in business for the long haul, you will have to stay on top of your game. But it doesn’t take long to do this everyday. Update your site with new content day after day (even on the weekends). This should take you no more than 20 minutes to do – especially if you’re creating content that is around 300 to 400 words long.

And if you need inspiration about what new to write about, you may want to repurpose your articles. See if you can purchase some article templates that will allow you to add a new style and twist to your articles, so that you can place them on your site, make them original, and get relevant AdSense ads to show up on your site.

Like I said creating a content-rich site is relatively easy. If you want to make some good money with Google AdSense, create an authority site. An authority site is one main, big site where you focus on one topic, and one topic only. There’s no switching around and creating all kinds of different sites with AdSense ads on it.

With an authority site, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche. People will come to love your information, and will visit your site daily. Many will subscribe to your email newsletter and search around on your site to find more of the same good content. And this is definitely what you want to happen.

There is another option outside of the authority site model where people create 1-page “mini sites” that are strictly designed to generate the AdSense click. They have no relevance for the person visiting the site, and people go and create thousands of them. This is similar to the concept of auto blogs (or “spam” blogs).

You don’t want to go down this route. Stick with a proven authority site plan that works for a lot of people, and continue to offer more and more information to your readers.

Soon you will start to see trickles of daily income coming into your AdSense account, and over time, it will just grow larger and larger. But more importantly, you will learn how to market your site online successfully, and can take that knowledge and apply it to another online business venture.

Good luck with earning more money with Google AdSense today.