Creating Your Deck

Timber Decking

Timber decking continues to be a popular addition to many a garden. It can be used as a natural alternative to a patio and allows for an attractive decking area to be created that can help make optimum use of space.

Planning Your Deck

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from erecting a decking area it is essential that you create a thorough plan. This plan should include basic factors such as the size of your deck. When considering this you will need to take into account the shape and size of your garden, as well as a consideration for any specific garden features that you may want to incorporate into the decking plan.

You will also need to consider the ground layout and conditions when planning your deck. Sloping ground or banks may require a multi layered deck to be planned for and this will require a different type of construction than a flat decking area.

Finally you should carefully consider how you would like to use the decking area. This will then have an affect an access points and what edging / balustrade you could use to create a safe area for your children.

Decking Materials

Once you have planned the location and size of your decking area there are then many different options to consider, when selecting your materials. The main consideration is that of the deck board itself. There are a wide range of deck boards available from various suppliers and they all offer something different. The factors you should consider when choosing consist of the look of the deck board including the pattern and colour, the quality and type of timber used to create the deck board, the length of the deck board and the treatment used on the deck board.

The deck board itself will make up the essence of your decking area and so needs to be carefully considered. You will however also need to select accompanying products to complete your decking area. This could consist of baluster, handrails, decorative posts, decking lights and the essential base timber, including posts and rails.

Further Help & Advice

For further help and advice on creating your own decking area, I would suggest you contact a local stockist. If you are based in Sussex, Surrey or Cambridgeshire I would recommend you contact AVS Fencing Supplies Ltd; hwy website out lands check at Http://