Creating Your Fence Masterpiece in Colour

Fences are a very common product on a lot of properties, mainly because they enhance appeal, make things safe, and create relaxation where it is needed. They can be used for patios, sidewalks, porches, pool areas, landscaping, property lines, security, and more. Designing them can be fun and it allows the imagination to run wild. Powder coated colour options are abundant and can really bring an area to life.

Add Sophistication

For those that want a luxurious look, a handful of deep, dark colors can be creatively mixed to bring out that sophisticated look in outdoor dining areas, relaxation patios, luxurious swimming pools, etc. Add some brown tones, earth green colours, gray colours, or maybe some gold tones.

To add a higher level of sophistication, the powder coated colour finish is available in various textures which provides options to create a handsome masterpiece. This can include a hammered finish, a rough-surfaced finish, a compacted or spaced dimple surface, and much more. You can also get metal-type finishes that look like chrome, aluminum, brass, etc.

Make it Happy

If you want to create that fun, happy look; bright colors do the trick. You may have a yellow-themed patio with accents of white or perhaps a bright orange lounge area. Even if the area has no brightness, new fencing can shed some light on the situation with tones of lime, pink, orange, white, yellow, blue, and more.

Mix It Up

For a really unique look that welcomes anyone who enters, you can combine several different colours to form a creative work of art. Colour the top and bottom rails blue, while filling up the balustrades with tones of gray, brown, and red. You could even brighten it up some with red, orange, pink, and yellow balustrades for a bizarre appearance that will stand out. Mixing things up can bring new life to any area.

Blending With the Area

With so many colour options and finishes, you can blend in with existing colours, whether you mesh the fence with siding, your pool area, the landscaping, or even your playground. Black and charcoal are common colours since they blend with anything. But your scheme may require something to enhance the vibrancy of the area, such as blue, white, tan, gray, or even a forest green colour. The balustrade design can enhance that colour in style, no matter what type of balustrades you have. And colouring the balustrades a different colour or tone makes things more exciting and possibly appealing.