Creating Your Own Photo Mosaics

A photo mosaic has an attractiveness that catches the eyes instantly but then want exactly is a photo mosaic? A photo mosaic is usually made from a digital photo graph as well as other types of photo. The photograph is divided into equal rectangular sections to create a visual effect that is appealing to the eyes. So in other words photo mosaic can be said to be a type of imaging art.

In creating your photo mosaic every one of the rectangular divisions is replaced other images for instance you decide to make a photo mosaic of your parrot; you use different photos of your parrot to make up the photo mosaic. So when you look at the picture of your parrot from distance you will simply see it as one photo but upon closer observation you will notice the photo is made up of other smaller images of your parrot. So to create a photo mosaic you input other different photographs to make up one photograph.

You can make great photo mosaics to decorate your home, give as gifts and you can even make money from photo mosaics buy submitting such photos to stock photo sites where they can be used and downloaded by interior decorators, advertisers and many more.

To create your own photo mosaics you do not need extensive tools or equipments, all you need is a digital camera, software like Andre mosaic, and a colour printer. This can be a great pass time as well as a way to earn a little income by creating photo mosaics for commercial purposes such as stock photo sites mentioned above.

Some other software that you can use for your photo mosaics are, Pic to Brick, Photomosaic, Imosaic or you could also use the services of commercial establishments to create your photo mosaics if you want a professional job, but I assure you that it is something that any one can do with the right tool.