Creating Your Own Special Style

There is no need to know country from shabby chic, modern from vintage. You may be happy with a mix and match, or eclectic style. It may not be easy to pick a style but it’s easy to know whether you prefer sleek chrome and glass or a big stuffed chair. You can easily tell you like soft, neutral colors rather than, for example, bright orange and purple. So, how do you pick your style? You don’t. You pick your preference.

It helps to be able to describe to a salesperson what you like. Be prepared to tell him or her your favorite color or point out pieces you like. If you already have a chair or table, show them a picture to give them some guidance in helping you find other things that would go with what you have.

Since a rug or carpeting can be more difficult to choose and often is a greater expense, it may be wise to choose this first. Especially the choice of plain or pattern can determine your options for furniture coverings. Floor covering anchors the room, and because it is usually a major investment, it pays to get something of quality that you feel you can enjoy for years to come. You may recall a room you have visited or seen in a magazine that was especially to your liking. It is definitely all right to borrow ideas that appeal to you. Remember that walls can be painted more cheaply than replacing flooring – not to mention the hundreds of shades available in paint!

The final personal touches in a room are the accessories. In this area, perhaps more than any other, you can use items simply because they are special to you. You may choose family heirlooms, art, framed photos, vases, candle holders, lamps, tables, collections and a myriad of other things to complete your special look. If you love it, get it. You will find a place for it. Even in your modern loft you may tastefully display your family pictures by using frames of one color with simple lines. Set up a vignette for your collections. Pick up a color from that antique rug with a sleek table lamp.

Remember, there is no need to stress over style. Trust yourself. It is your room and you should be comfortable in it. If you are pleased with the outcome you have been successful. You have created your own special style.