Cree and Edison Chips, the Driving Force Behind Chinese LED Lights

Those who have already spent some time with checking LED lights at definitely came across the brand names Cree and Taiwan Edison. These two companies are not only market leaders of quality lights but are also major suppliers of driving chips for other manufacturers all over the world.

It is important to understand the difference between Edison light bulbs, which are manufactured and branded by Edison; other brand LED light bulbs containing LEDs originally manufactured by Edison; and light bulbs which contain LEDs manufactured elsewhere but contain Edison chip drivers. Whoever wants to produce exclusive quality lights will use their LEDs. These originally packed LEDs have high bright purity, and lose less of their brightness over their long lifespan. However, obviously this quality is so expensive at the moment that the majority of people find it hard to pay for a single light bulb.

High quality LED products have two major factors: one is the substitutes used for producing the diodes, the other one is the driving chip. Originally Cree or Edison LEDs are very expensive at the moment, so solutions with reasonable prices never actually contain such LEDs. They can, however, contain Cree or Edison driving chips, which are the most significant factors in producing quality LED lights.

Cree Inc. is unduly the best quality manufacturer on the market of LED chips. The quality of Cree chips is so exclusively high, that even competitor companies use them to add value to their own products. Such is the case with Taiwan Edison, which uses Cree chips to drive its highest quality LEDs. Even though the quality provided by Cree chips is hard to achieve, Edison produces high quality chips itself for those wishing to spend less on LED bulbs. Edison, which is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for Philips and Osram as well, managed to produce reliably high quality driving chips at a much lower price than Cree. Even though the lifespan of these LED lights are not as high as the LEDs' driven by Cree chips, the quality of the light emitted is very good, and their lifespan reaches at least 30 000 hours. Edison chips guarantee a more stable circuit design, which means better current regulation and less heat emitted by the driver. Less heat always assures a longer lifespan for the LEDs, as well as less color shift over their lifespan.

Producing cheaper LED lights is a constant aim of researchers in the field. At the moment the cheapest LED solutions offered by Chinese manufacturers can vary in quality, but Cree and Edison chips are both guarantees for high quality and long lifespan.