Cricket Batting Troubleshoot – Being Bowled Through the Gate

All cricket batsman, at one time or another, have been bowled through the gate. Where the ball sneaks between your cricket bat and pad and you hear the sickening sound of your stumps being knocked over. This can happen when defend or when you are on the attack trying to drive through the cover.

There are quite a few things that can cause this to happen, but here are a few of the major reasons you might struggle with this problem when you bat.

Poor Foot Movement

Your front foot has to try and get to the pitch of the ball. All your weight has to be transferred onto the front foot taking your whole body to the line of the ball.

Bad Timing

You might have great foot movement and get to the pitch of the ball. And you even have the bat and pad close together leaving no gap for the ball to pass through – yet it did. It is because your timing is off. Your bat reaches your pad when the ball has already passed through the gap.

So, just because our bat and pad is close together does not mean you got the gap covered. You must make sure you have the timing correct as well.

Moving Too Early

If you move too early with your feet you might plant your front foot in the wrong position. What happens then is you find yourself playing away from the body and leaving a wide gap between bat and pad. The key is too spot the ball early and move as late as possible. Only move after you sure you have picked up the line of the ball. Obviously that happens in a split second -therefore you must practise to move late to make it second nature.