Cross Stitch Storage Tips

Anyone who has cross stitched for years can tell you how quickly all the little bits, threads, fabrics and patterns can accumulate. But the most important thing to know is how to carefully store everything so that it is well organized and you are able to see what supplies you have at a glance. Here are some handy tips on how to store floss, cross stitch patterns, needles and your most current cross stitch project.

One idea is to use small Ziploc sandwich bags to easily store floss. The bags keep the floss protected from dirt and water and are easy to take with you on a trip. Plastic containers with dividers also work wonderful. Clear containers allow you to see inside for a quick visual of the colours available. Plus, all containers allow you to put stickers or labels on the outside of the container. For easy searching, just write the floss number on the sticker or label.

Do you have floss left over from kits or previous projects? If so, separate the colours and wind each colour around its own floss bobbin. There are two kinds of bobbins. The first one is circular and fits nicely into a sewing basket. The second one is a square piece of cardboard and fits nicely into plastic containers with dividers. Next, label each bobbin with the floss number and colour. Then place each labelled bobbin in a storage container that will keep the bobbins in place so they will stay organized after all your hard work.

Another storage tip is for storing your patterns. What do you do if you do not want a drawer full of loose patterns and you do not want to punch holes in your patterns? One great solution to this problem is to use clear plastic sheet protectors, found in your local office supply store. The sheet protectors come with a variety of features – some have three ring holes on the side, or zippers to keep everything in, or they can even come with index tabs attached. Just put each pattern in individual sheet protectors and then put them all in a binder. Use divider tabs in the binder to organize your patterns by designer, type or any other way that makes sense to you. Now everything is tidy and organized!

To keep from losing your needle while changing the floss colour, place your needle on a magnet. If you do not have a magnet handy, you can also place your needle in the top right or left hand corner of your cloth. Simply slip the needle in one hole and backup up a few holes over. Now you will not have to frantically search for your needle that has fallen on the couch or floor.

Are you going on vacation and want to bring your cross stitching with you? Then use plastic containers, such as Tupperware, to store your project and all your supplies. Plastic containers are great because they come in a variety of sizes and some even have dividers. The container (s) will keep your project clean and safe. Clear containers are great as you can see what is in them without having to open them. I find the dividers are useful for sorting threads and other accessories, such as beads or buttons. Happy travels!