Crystal Ball Reading Benefits

The crystal ball is a very powerful divination tool used for scrying and is combined with kabalistic works to tap into higher consciousness. These two combine, and you are able to learn the essences for divination principles.

Using a crystal ball to define the tree of life

Each level of the tree of life had a particular symbolism images and voices attached to it. Some aspects of the spirit resound with every level of the tree of life. When you determine the information that you would like to glean from the particular tree level, then all that is required is to align harmoniously with the aspect and focus there for scrying. For example, when you want to gain a greater understanding of your spiritual journey, then you would gaze into your crystal ball and develop a timbre with binah. The messages relayed will be specific to your tree.

Some balls work very well with a particular type of energy. It is not expensive to have different crystal balls running in all the ten levels. All ball sizes work from the large marbles to the softball sizes. These can be quartz, clear citrine or rose, essentially any type of crystal will work as long as it is crystalline.

Crystal balls and how they affect our lives

Fortune tellers, clairvoyants, psychics, sorcerers and magicians use crystal balls in their trade. They have powers and abilities to see into the future the past and the present world of individuals. Religious clerics in Britain were the first to use balls in divination hence; the British are believed to promote their use in divination. Nevertheless, today they are used all over the world in entertainment traditional medicine architecture psychology and interior design.

Many designers have used balls in interior design in the 21st century. They have been helpful in choosing chandeliers balustrade decor, and lamp posts. Structures similar to balls are placed in hotel rest rooms, counters lobbies counters and gardens. They are commonly used for more profound purposes than artistic.

Magicians use crystal balls in entertainment as props for performance and help them in generating illusions. Their clear transparent and luminous nature gives the ability to see into the past present and the future. Within the Chinese community, crystal balls are used as elements that are symbolic of the earth’s energies.

They are used in enhancing feng shui in Chinese families and are also appreciated by non-Chinese families for enhancing family bonds. They work depending on their color size and the strategic locations placed. Crystal balls are also beneficial in psychology, in promoting healing relaxation and tranquility. Regardless of the purpose for which they are place in our environments, they help humanity achieve a common goal.

Modern science and technology has dominated our lives and minds. However, these traditional practices are still beneficial and being passed on from generation to generation. The power to transform business does not lie in your hands alone but a little help from guides like crystal balls cannot be ignored.