Crystal Balls And How They Affect Our Daily Activities

Crystal balls are one of the tools that psychics, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, sorcerers and even magicians use in their craft and are believed to possess powers associated with abilities to see the past, the present and the future of the world and of persons. Religious Celtic tribes in Britain were believed to be the first to employ its use in division so it is also believed that the British are the promoters of its use. Today, these balls can be seen everywhere such as in the field of entertainment, education, psychology, interior design, traditional medicine and architecture.

Crystal balls are used in interior design by many 21st century designers in choosing chandeliers, lamp posts and balustrade decors. Some even place crystal ball-like structures and lightings in hotel restrooms, reception area, counters, lobbies and gardens. For whatever purpose they are used, it is certainly not only for esthetic reasons but for a more meaningful purpose.

In entertainment, magicians use these balls as props in their performance and helps in supposedly creating illusions. As crystal balls, being clear, luminous and transparent, are symbolic representation of the ability to see the past, fortune tellers and clairvoyants use it as a main medium in their craft.

Among the Chinese community, the crystals are one of the Chinese elements and are symbolic of Earth Energy. The crystal ball is the most favored tool in enhancing Feng Shui in Chinese and even non-Chinese families believed to harmonize family relationships, improve business opportunities, mental health and careers and protection from diseases. Crystal balls depending on the number, color and size placed on strategic locations and body parts capture light or energy which are converted into positive or good energy known as chi in Chinese language.

In psychology and related studies, the use of these balls promotes relaxation, healing and tranquility just by gazing into it. Wearing of crystal bracelets or just carrying crystal balls helps an individual from being consumed by stresses of daily life such as pressure from work, school, peers and environmental stimuli such as pollution, traffic and heat. In acupuncture, placing crystal balls over the area being treated helps to generate healing and faster recovery.

For whatever purposes and reasons why these balls are used and placed in offices, homes and business establishments, people share a common goal – that is for the greater good and benefit of all. Human as we are, even if we are living in the 21st century where science and technology dominate every individual's mind and home, the traditional practices that were passed from one generation to another and from one race to another remains deeply enclosed within.