Crystal Chandeliers – How to Make Them Really Sparkle

A crystal chandelier can add a touch of elegance to any room, wherever you place it in your foyer, over your dining table, in your bedroom, or even in your bathroom! Of course, to be sure that your chandelier retains this elegance, it is going to need to be kept clean. The difference between a gleaming crystal and a dusty crystal on a chandelier can great.

So, how do you go about cleaning a crystal chandelier? Here are some helpful tips:

For a quick clean, or if you are unable to take your chandelier down from the ceiling, start out by putting newspaper or towels or a drop cloth benefit it (there is not a reason to dirty the rest of your home just because you are cleaning one part of it!) You can then reach up with a long-handled feather duster and clean off as much as possible. Then go ahead and take a glass cleaner and spray your chandelier. In fact, feel free to drench your crystal chandelier with your glass cleaner. Then, simply let the everything drip off. Voila! Your crystal chandelier is sparkling and shiny again, with very little work.

Of course, while this is an excellent and easy way to clean your crystal chandelier, you may sometimes prefer a clean cleaning (at least once a year). Unfortunately, a deep cleaner does require some disassembly and a little bit of scrubbing. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Turn off the power. 
2. Gently and steadily remove your lamp from the fixtures. If you are at all worried about this step, be sure to have some extra help. Chandeliers can be very heavy, depending on their size. If you prefer to leave your chandelier attached, that is perfectly fine - just step up and remove the crystals as you need to clean them.
3. Take out all of the bulbs.
4. Protect your chandelier crystals by laying down a folded towel across the bottom of the sink, wash pan, or whichever basin you decide to use.
5. Fill up the basin with hot (but bearable) water and add soap or detergent of your choice.
6. Remove the crystals a few at a time and wash them in your soapy water, and then rinse them with hot water (you may even wish to have a hot water rinsing pan with a little ammonia in it).
7. Wipe them dry, and then immediately place them back onto your chandelier.
8. Do not take off all of the crystals at once! You may have trouble remembering their proper places on the chandelier. Just choose a place to start, and work methodically around that point.
9. Wipe off the arms of your chandelier with a non-sudsy cloth.
10. Wipe down the bulbs and then put them back into their sockets.

The difference between your pre-washed chandelier and your post-wash chandelier may surprise you. Sometimes it is hard to tell how dirty something is until you see it sparkling clean again.