Crystal Chandeliers – Purchase, Installation, and Maintenance

Crystal chandelier makes for a very good addition to your home. Not only does it provide adequate lighting to any room for any type of occasion or activity, but the beauty it exudes also adds a new ambiance to the home that can only be described as elegant and luxurious.

But before turning your vision of a home equipped with crystal chandelier a reality, you need to pay attention to some of the details concerning this home fixture, specifically its purchase, installation, and of course, its maintenance.

Purchasing A Crystal Chandelier

This home décor can never be purchased cheap. The best ones in the market have a huge price tag attached to it; so you need to make sure that your first purchase is your last — ensuring that you got the best the market has to offer and a crystal chandelier that will fit perfectly with your home, as well as your taste.

Your first order of business should be to look for one with a design that compliments your home theme, as well as a price tag that will not strain your wallet. It is advisable that you check out all the available selection in your local furniture and lighting shop, as well as those on the Internet. Compare all the crystal chandeliers you can find and take some time to review each one on how it would look when installed in your residence.

It is advisable that you avoid basing your purchase according to the price of crystal chandeliers. Those sold at lower prices tends to have some storage damage, or the quality might not be enough to last long when used.

Installing Your Crystal Chandelier

Experts would advice against installing crystal chandelier without the help of a professional. To avoid accidents, it is essential for the item to be firmly mounted on the ceiling following precise instructions. The braces should have a firm foundation underneath to withstand any vibrations; and the light bulbs and crystals must be screwed properly or firmly attached to the frame to avoid accidental fall out.

Also, each of the parts of crystal chandeliers; namely the braces or frame, light bulbs, and crystal should be firmly attached to ensure that it won’t be falling down on your head during its use.

Ask the store where you purchased the item if they have an extra service for installation. Most of furniture and lighting shops offer free service in installing it for you. If they don’t have one, then inquire if they can refer you to a professional for the job.

Crystal Chandelier Maintenance

Maintenance plays an important role in ensuring that your crystal chandelier will last for a very long time. Remove the light bulbs and crystals before cleaning the frame. Avoid any electrical wiring when you clean up the brass structure or getting the sockets soaked. Only use soft cotton cloth free from any solid minuscule objects to avoid damaging the frame. Use warm water or pH-balanced cleaning agents only.

For cleaning up the crystals, avoid using heated or cold water since that will only fog it up — which takes a lot of time and effort to remove. Running water is perfect for cleaning crystals. Let them sit to dry and wipe them free of moisture before installing. Again, use only soft cloth to avoid scratching the crystals. — Crystal Chandelier