Curb Appeal Strategies for a Quick Sale

When selling your home do not overlook Curb appeal as a major contributing factor in the sale of a home.

Quite simply, curb appeal is the way the house looks from the street. Often a prospective buyer will drive by a house of interest several times before they decide if they want to further investigate the property. This is the first impression the buyer will have about the home so let's make it a positive, lasting impression.

If you can not get the buyer to the front door, then you can not possibly sell them the house. To create optimum curb appeal make sure the grounds are well manicured.
Hedges need to be trimmed and flower beds should be free of weeds. A fresh layer of mulch or rock goes a long way in sprucing up the flower beds. Make sure there is direct pathway to the front door and the pathway is free of obstacles such as toys, garden equipment, newspapers, milk boxes, etc. Driveways should be stain free, and house numbers should be visible from the street. Yard art should be minimized, or for best results completely removed. House paint and trim should be in good repair. This is particularly true of the front door, since the buyer will be spending several minutes there while the agent unlocks the door. A neutral welcome mat is a nice touch – stay away from themes as they influence a potential buyer's perception of the home.

Potted flowers or plants flanking the doorway give a warm and inviting appeal. Stay away from artificial flowers as they create an unfavorable image. Many people live in areas where fall brings cooler weather or possibly snow. This limits the outdoor growing potential. For these people it is essential to freshen up beds and borders with mulch or rock. Evergreen shrubs and small potted evergreen trees can be placed by the front door instead of flowers. Any empty pots or hanging baskets should be stored out of site.

Front porches are a perfect place to set the stage for a quick sale. Many porches are large enough to set up a small "vignette" – a simple place to ponder the possibilities. This vignette could be a front porch rocker with a small table next to it. The table could have a pitcher and a glass, giving the potential owner a glimpse into life at this home; a relaxing afternoon sipping tea in your favorite rocker. An outdoor pillow can be placed on the chair to add color and texture. Maybe try a bistro set with a small vase of flowers as a focal point. Use your imagination to set the stage for your front porch.

Solar lighting is a great investment. Many potential buyers will drive the neighborhood after dark to see what the house will look like at night. Using solar lighting can help you maximize your curb appeal by lighting up the homes best features.
These may include a beautiful tree, a water feature or flower beds. Do not forget to light up house numbers. Illuminating the driveway or walkway is always a great idea as this creates a feeling of safety. Make sure the porch lights are always on to create a welcoming atmosphere.

With a little imagination and a few simple efforts, you can put your best foot forward and get your home off to a great start with Curb Appeal.