Cure For Diabetes – Step Toward Advancement

"Diabetes is irreversible". "Diabetes can not be cured". We all know this well but still a question in the mind of every diabetic and his loved one is that how close are we to the cure for diabetes.

Actually it depends on our own mental level that is what we mean by this simple word CURE. Diabetes actually has many genetic and environmental causes behind it and therefore it has many ways of treating. Most of the research in the previous few years was for the prevention of diabetes and its management if it occurs. These researches are obviously very important unless and until the cure for diabetes becomes available. The final cure for this disease would be a replacement for the cells of the pancreas as it is caused by the malfunctioning of these cells that makes insulin. To do this an insulin pump would have to be inserted which would be regulated automatically by the glucose sensors. This pump has been invented and tested in about 500 people in different areas of world. But Glucose sensors are not yet developed but will be very soon.

Another approach which many of us are already aware of, is to transplant insulin producing cells into the person with diabetes it has been more difficult in humans, because human body looks at these cells as foreign invaders and tries to hunt them off. Many researchers are trying to overcome these problems it is here when we can say that we expect a cure of diabetes in the coming year.

Till the scientists, researchers find the cure to diabetes we have to live with diabetes, we have to reprogram our minds so that it starts to believe that there is a cure for diabetes – its all about mind programming.