Curved and Straight Stairway Lifts

In order to provide easy access for the physically disabled and the elderly to the different floors of your home or office, stairway lifts are ideal options. With the rapid development in technology, a range of curved and straight stairway lifts are made available by leading manufacturers in the field.

The Configuration of Stairways Is No More a Problem

The important feature of curved stair lifts is they can be customized to any desired size and shape so as to adapt to the curves and landings of straight as well as curved stairways. Curved stair lifts can be mounted on either side of the stairways and these take more time to be installed – that is, about four to twelve weeks. The setting-up charges are also a bit on the higher side, as the amount is calculated on the basis of the number of bends, the length of the stairway, flexure angles and labor charges.

Straight stair lifts provide fast access between floors. If required, these can be easily repositioned to another location. As these are less intricate, the installation of straight stair lifts is simple and can be completed within two to three hours. These are more economic too. The folding feature in straight stairway lifts enables them to be kept folded when the lift is not in use, so that others can use the stairway.

The safety measures incorporated in curved and straight stairway lifts are exceptional and include obstruction sensors, swivel seat, swing away arms and many other controls. The various models can be operated using AC or DC power.

Think before You Buy

Before buying curved and straight stairway lifts, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding about the various models and their prices. Awareness regarding the top manufacturers and dealers will be helpful, if you want to avail of the best services. The foremost names in the industry include Savaria Concord, Bruno and ThyssenKrupp Access, providing guaranteed products through their dealers. Curved and straight stairway lifts, besides being genuine aids for the mobility challenged individuals also add to the value of your residence or office.