Curved Stairway Lifts

The stairway lift has become an inevitable gadget in modern residences, providing easy mobility through the stairs. Curved stairway lifts are specifically designed for curved stairways. A stair lift is a mechanical device with a chair traveling through a rail system attached to the side of the staircase. The user only needs to sit on the chair, and can be transported up and down the stairs. Manufacturers offer curved and straight stairway lifts. Most of these accessibility devices are equipped with various advanced features such as folding armrests, adjustable seat, covered track, battery backup, etc. ensuring the maximum comfort and safety of the riders.

A host of security features offered

These mobility devices are practical solutions to transport elderly and physically challenged individuals up and down the stairs. Curved stair lifts include various safety measures such as speed governor, wraparound arms, emergency brakes, armrests, remote control, foot flip-ups, seat belts and lots more. An automatic sensor is installed in this system enabling to stop whenever it finds obstacles. Besides helping people with mobility problems, the customized curved stairway lift is also a vital ingredient to enhance the value of your residence.

Easily installed by professionals

Leading manufacturers like Bruno, Savaria Concord and ThyssenKrupp Access provide affordable and systematic devices in varying designs. Electra-Ride III, Stair-Glide, Flow-II, etc. They are some of the popular and reliable curved stair lifts. Curved stair lifts can be installed easily at either side of the stairway and the seat folded when not in use, in order to provide sufficient space for others. Various safety measures and options make the curved stair lift a reliable solution for the total comfort of physically challenged individuals.

Reputed suppliers offer durable curved stairway lifts along with excellent technical support and maintenance service. They also provide other residential and commercial solutions such as elevators, vertical and inclined platform lifts, wheelchair lift, pool lift, etc.