Custom Built Marine Cranes and Fassi Cranes

Marine cranes are very useful for moving heavy loads on and off the deck. Usually, they are designed to handle loads of 10 to 15 tones. However, the larger ones can handle weights much heavier than this. The larger ones typically handle weights of up to 40 tonnes. They are very important because they help to offload and load heavy cargo much faster. When a lot of cargo needs to be offloaded quickly, a rig with multiple cranes is used to move the cargo. The rig is installed at the centre of the boat and several hoists may be placed on a platform that allows for a 3600 movement. The 3600 mechanism allows it to move towards the load by moving the shortest distance. This helps to reduce accidents and makes work easier.

Marine cranes are built to cater for different needs as well as to work in different environments. There are those that are built for saltwater and others for fresh water. There is a special design for those made for salty water, they are made with materials that are rust resistant to prevent corrosion and make it more durable.

Fassi cranes

The UK Fassi are designed to last longer and do not require a lot of maintenance. The inventors were trying to make it more robust, strong and make something that works faster. It is therefore specially designed to ensure it can handle more workload, while still being safe and efficient. Many of them are common with clients who are trying to find a custom built one that will be a better fit for these needs. Their customers range from those who need them for light loads to those seeking one that can meet their heavy duty needs such as handling loads in the railway industry. Fassi is known for having taken steps to curb the sale of fake spare parts. They have ensured their distributors are linked directly to them so that they provide only genuine parts to their customers. Their spares available in the market are genuine and of high quality and the customer is assured of durability and reliability.

High Level of Reputation

One of the things that has made this brand famous is because they are known for serving clients of high repute. Fassi has supplied the military with some of its cranes. NATO uses some of them for various military applications such as loading military on and off their trucks. Marine cranes provide safety for loading and offloading cargo from and onto a boat. It is fitted with a special base that is designed with the highest level of engineering to work on any boat. This is a much safer way to load than improvising even if you are handling lighter loads.