Custom Iron Chandelier

A custom iron chandelier may require a bit of an investment, but isn’t necessarily an unwise choice. After all, iron is one of the easiest things to keep clean, and while it’s heavy, it does add a style of fashion and medieval flare to the room its installed in.

Older custom chandeliers aren’t exactly made strictly from iron, but wrought iron. Wrought iron has a grainy look too it, not unlike wood. It’s very tough, and heavy, and can be bent in any shape or fashion. This is important to note, since custom chandelier jobs are usually commissioned to be unique. The design may be intricate and difficult, and having an alloy like this that easily bends makes the artist’s job a lot easier.

But during modern times wrought iron has been replaced by iron mixed with alloys and steel. You can still get that grainy look if you so desire, but most custom chandeliers are more modernized. They boast simplicity, classy detail, and at times even artistic whimsy. A chandelier is no longer considered something to be hung from a ceiling to show off lavish wealth. It’s as much a part of the room’s design as it is a part of the room itself, and reflects a bit of the owner’s personality as well.

A custom iron chandelier would be ideal for someone who has a design in mind that is particularly heavy or lavish. Square shapes and straight lines are easily the most popular, as it takes very little effort to make these shapes out of iron. But, in fact, the iron isn’t entirely incorporative; it can be bent into other shapes as well. Oval is a favorite, and some custom iron chandeliers are made to resemble stairs with the lighting lining them like a banister. The material of the chandelier doesn’t make its custom production limited by any means.

Iron is easily cleaned and taken care of as well; a regular dusting and wiping down is all it needs, though you may have to be a little careful about adding water to it. Be sure to ask the manufacturer about cleaning instructions and products you can use to keep it in tip top shape.