Custom Kitchen Cabinets Successful Evolution

In a world of mass-produced mediocre knock-down, flat-packed sameness, it's nice to know it's still possible to find a kitchen cabinet maker that honors the old ways and keeps traditions with their custom cabinetry options.

While it's true through many homes you'll see "mass produced" stock kitchen cabinets, this is simply a function of the original developers need to maintain timelines and produce a standardized quality product. But it does not have to stop there. Today as a society, we are more and more inclined to put our personality on to the things we cherish: our cars, our clothes and our kitchen is no different.

But there exists the perception "custom is expensive," and that needs to change because generalized statements about price do little to clarify the real value of a custom kitchen design and installation.

It's true a custom kitchen most likely costs more than a stock option – but that's not a fair comparison since the only real similarity is that the end product is destined for your kitchen. Top quality custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers make their product according to different design standards, different processes and regularly use different and premium materials. The resulting cabinet is only similar to the stock option in that they're both called kitchen cabinets!

Modern custom cabinetry manufacturers have also evolved with the needs of the market. Previously, custom meant 'more choice' and in truth it simply mean more "stock options," today the best of breed offer true one-off customization. No more stock-piling standardized components and popular formats, the best manufacturers have invested heavily in modern auto CAD design software, state-of-the-art database systems and computer controlled shop floor tooling and training for their staff.

If you were to walk through a modern custom kitchen manufacturing plant you'd be amazed at the systemization and workflow as you watch pieces of the finished product get cut, trimmed, assembled and finally painted or stained according to the customer's chosen design.

Speaking of the design, now it's entirely possible for a client to specify a cabinet to their precise requirements. No longer are they forced to choose smaller case sizes and accept filler strips to cover-up gaps because their kitchen is not exactly matched to the limited stock options. True custom cabinets are now being made to fit almost every shape and size of kitchen.

And while the framework of the cabinets can now be made to fit almost any space, the ability to choose an ever increasing selection of design styles makes the prospect of a custom kitchen even more desirable. Add to this the fact that materials and hardware technologies have evolved and even if you chose a French provincial kitchen design you can still have the latest hinges, no-slam lifts and sliders, and other specialty hardware 'behind the scenes' making your kitchen the perfect blend of form and function.