Custom Lighting Fixture

Every home should have a custom lighting fixture for exact room fit. No lighting fixture is perfect for any room. It has to be measured for exact specifications.

It’s like you going to the mall and buying your clothes off the rack. If your body proportions are not perfect, chances are you will look ridiculous in your suit. The best thing to do is go to your favorite tailor and have it measured to fit your body perfectly.

The same goes for every home. When buying your new home or even remodeling old ones, consult an interior designer for some professional advice and suggestions. They have the expertise and taste we normally don’t have.

If budget is the problem, I would personally recommend that you surf the web for highly informative websites like architectural digest.

There you can surely find useful tips and ideas on how to improve the look and feel of your home.

If you are not computer savvy enough and does not know how to browse the web, there’s still hope. Get the room specs like ceiling height, width and length and then match it with your choice of light. You won’t go wrong!

I did it my self about a year and a half when we were constructing our condo unit. To save on design fees, I personally took the measurement of the ceiling height and then bought the pendant light of my choice.

Also took the length and width of the wall and matched it with my desired sconce lighting fixtures.

Just remember, never assume that this kind of light will fit your room, bedroom or kitchen. Only customized lighting will do the trick.