Custom Pins – Useful For All Groups

You can have custom pins made in any shape, size or color. You can even get a replica of your company logo. There are a number of professional reasons you could do this, whether it be for promotional purposes, part of a uniform or even a sponsorship for a non-profit event. As an individual, you may want to have a family pin made to hand out at the annual reunion. On the other hand, maybe your book club is celebrating its fifth year together and you would like a way to commemorate the occasion. Something else that has grown in popularity is to have a wedding pin made to hand out to each guest as memorabilia of your special day. There are many other reasons to utilize this unique service. People love tangible objects, no matter what the size or value. Simply put, people love stuff! No matter the event, what better to give than something customized that they can wear on their lapel, purse, hat, scarf or tie?

Custom pins are available is several varieties. One such variety is Cloisonne. Cloisonne is the technique of decorating metal. The hard enamel Cloisonne pin is a metal pin that is inlayed with enamel and then baked at a high temperature to cure the paint. It is then polished. When done in this fashion, the pin is smooth across the top.

Another variety is the soft enamel. Soft enamel custom pins also have enamel fill, but they are air dried as opposed to baked. The fill sits lower than the metal ridges that form the outlines of the pin. This style of pin is not completely smooth across the top. It has a somewhat raised outline. The soft enamel is a less expensive alternative to the hard enamel.

The die struck pin is typically seen in metal shades. It may be colored, but most often is not. These are the only type of pin that made be done three dimensionally.

The photo etched pin is an alternative to the enamel pin when you are in need of something with a lot of detail. This is a thinner option than the hard or soft enamel.

Finally, there is the photo dome pin. These custom pins are fitted with a replica of the picture you provide and the epoxy is smoothed over the top to a nice domed finish.

You can find companies online that offer this type of customized work. Some have pricing information available on their websites while others require you to submit information on their quote form. The information they will need typically includes your contact information, a description of the type of custom pins you are looking to order and a copy of your artwork. Once you submit this form, the company will process your quote request and contact you with an estimated price. Before agreeing to have any work done, be sure to thoroughly read the contacted terms. Inquire about not only production time, but also shipping time. You want to make sure that your order will get to you in time for the scheduled event.