Custom Promo Product Spotlight: Any Size, Any Shape, Any Graphic

Successfully branding your business is one of the key ingredients to making it grow. When your customers become familiar with your brand, most of the time it isn’t long before loyalty follows. The challenging part is making your brand and logo memorable, and better yet, unforgettable. If you take a drive around your town, you’ll see excellent examples of how branding works. Even small children who catch a glimpse of the “Golden Arches” know that pulling into the McDonald’s parking lot means a Happy Meal is soon going to be on the way. In business, branding is everything. When you do it right, your business will thrive.

Various promo product companies have come up with a unique way for you to brand your business. The Sticky Screen Cleaner makes a great giveaway because it’s different than other traditional types of company offers. Whether you’re going to be at a tradeshow, or you want to have “a gimme” available for customers who visit the office, a sticky screen cleaner is an option.

Benefits of a Sticky Screen Cleaner

Rather than giving your customers a pen that will get pushed to the back of a kitchen drawer, or forgotten on the floor of a car, a microfiber screen cleaner is something they can keep on their cell phone, or other electronic devices, all the time. In fact, they’ll want to keep it on their phone or electronic device because it will give them a way to keep these items clean. By using a special gel backing, the sticky cleaners attach to the surface of any type of electronic. Microfiber is the type of cloth that’s used to clean the screen, which is the most efficient cleaning cloth on the market that’s also affordable. Using a negative electrostatic charge, it lifts dirt and grime off the surface of the screen, while other clothes simply push the dirt around. With your company logo on the sticky cleaner, your business name will be in front of your customers’ eyes many times every day.

Completely Customizable

Placing your order for your company’s sticky screen cleaners is really easy, with some companies offering check out and design capabilities directly on their site. Screen cleaners are completely customizable. You can choose your own colors, as well as the size and shape of your cleaning stickers. A tip is to use the graphic that you use for your business, and with color-matching technology, your brand will be successfully preserved on the handout.

Sticky screen cleaners have proven to be very popular with customers as well as with employees. Bulk ordering is available, so you can order large quantities at a given time for trade shows or presentations.


– screen cleaners need to be replaced every 6-12 months for optimal effectiveness

– some people can’t figure out how to use them

– some cases won’t hold a phone sticker due to the materials they’re made from