Custom Tile Mosaics and More

Robert Hennessy, Mosaic artist and owner of Hennessy Floor Company located in Hendersonville, NC, combines modern technology with an ancient art form to create custom mosaics for homes and businesses who are seeking a green alternative. Decorative mosaic tile and glass art are perfect for indoor, outdoor and wet spaces. Glass and ceramic mosaic tile will give you unique and beautiful custom sustainable decor for bathrooms, kitchens, floors, back-splash, mirrors, tiled fireplace surrounds, pool borders, and many other projects.

Robert’s innate artistic vision enables him to take an original art piece, or adapt a one-of-a-kind design and translate it into a rich and beautiful mosaic masterpiece for a sustainable addition to any home or business. Using high quality glass, ceramic tile and other fine materials, Robert’s affinity for an ancient art form, can turn any space into a truly beautiful piece of contemporary mosaic art. This rich, vibrant and timeless art form can be used in architectural, fine art, home decor and public art spaces.

Mosaic, the art of putting together tesserae through meticulous and labor-intensive setting to form various patterns, is one of the most powerful ways to decorate floors and walls of your residence, thus to fully express yourself. Robert, has a combined 50 years experience in the custom flooring and tile business. The product of both Sicilian and English parents, Robert’s passion to carry on his family’s artistic legacy shines through in his careful detailing; eloquent testimony of his devotion, dedication, and determination to carry on one of the oldest human crafts. Mosaic tiles are cut in much the same way they were generations ago. Mosaic tiles are not so much cut as they are broken into shape, which calls for concentration and skill to get that perfect fitted piece, achieving the right shape and appearance.

Mosaic is an ancient art form with a rich history that dates thousands of years and is one of the original recycled products. For centuries, artisans have used recycled glass, stone, pebbles, and even shells to create low maintenance, high impact mosaic imagery. Mosaic tile and glass is the ultimate choice for green surfaces due to its inherent durability, sustainability, and timeless beauty.

Robert hopes that by offering and carrying green products at Hennessy Floor Company, we can be a small part of reducing the eco footprint on our planet. Robert say’s, “If we all come together and use green products, we can impact our planet Earth and make it a better place for generations to come. Shopping with the planet in mind can make a big difference in many ways. Collectively, we can reward environmentally responsible practices, discourage waste, help close the recycling loop and reduce the amount of toxic materials entering our ecosystems. Shop like your life depended on it. Buying products and services that don’t harm the environment is one of the most powerful choices a consumer can make.”