Dancing on Your Treadmills

Treadmill dancing will add the dimensions to the workout in that it has the cardio benefits, it will increase balance and also improve your stamina. When you are dancing on your treadmill, you have to make sure to keep your treadmill pace lower that when you are walking normally. Use upbeat music in order to increase the energy levels and keep the body on the rhythm.

You can start the dancing treadmill by walking slowly on your treadmill for two or three minutes as the warm up. You can hold your arm rests with your both hands, keep the top of the body facing forward, but keep angle the hips and your legs to the right. Step your right foot to the right side, and then you can cross the left to the front of it. You should repeat this step for several times then you need to turn crossing your right foot in the front and behind.

Return to the standard forward walking. You can step with your right foot, kick your left food   frontage  and hop with your right foot. Get your left foot back and place your weight of your body onto your left foot. Then kick your right foot and hop on your left foot. Place your right foot down and kick again your left foot and then hop on the right. Continue this way for several times.

You can add other exercise elements with arm motions. It is necessary for you to use it with ahead stepping sequences just like step kicks and only if completely relaxed with footwork. You should keep your treadmill pace slowly.