Dangers of Penis Extenders – Potential Side Effects From Using Penis Extenders

Extenders claim to be a big advancement in penis enlargement; enabling users a convenient and supposedly effective way to gain size. What they often leave out are the actual dangers of penis extenders.

First of all, keep in mind anytime you bring in an outside contraption, be it a stretching machine, a pump, or an extender device, then you invite the danger factor into the picture.

Second, remember, we are talking about the penis here. This isn’t about getting bigger biceps or using an ab machine to develop washboard abs. This obviously is a very, very delicate area that you generally don’t want to take unnecessary risks with. Putting your penis into some sort of stretcher, extender, or pump increases the risk for harm, especially considering the delicate nature of the part we are trying to improve.

Finally, the dangers of penis extenders specifically, and what common side effects many users have experienced are the following:

  • – raw skin, rashes – excruciating pain – temporary impotence – burst blood vessels – Peyronie’s disease – urinary incontinence

With all these side effects, can extenders still deliver legitimate size results? Many users have been disappointed with the results. Granted, many will experience one or more of the side effects and at that point they will stop using the contraption immediately.

But even the science behind extenders is pretty weak. They make comparisons to tribal women who as part of tradition use extending methods to create a larger neck. In reality these women are deforming their rib cage more than they are actually creating longer size in their necks.