Darwin Travel

A Darwin holiday would undoubtedly be memorable to any traveler who would step foot in this place. It is actually the sole key city in Australia's Northern Territory. There is plenty of Darwin accommodation options such as inexpensive hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, guesthouses, apartments and others. Majority of hotels in this city could be found in the vicinity of central Darwin. Because the city has fantastic attractions, boredom is not an option here.

Places to See in Darwin

Darwin offers topnotch sites that would truly enchant their visitors. Listed here are a few places that you should remember to visit while you are on your Darwin travel:

1. The Museum and Art Gallery of Darwin. Situated in a lush tropical garden, this museum cum art gallery is actually home to a lot of wonderful and unique displays. One of these exhibits is the frightening reenactment of the intense Cyclone Tracey, which really devastated the city back in 1974. The other equally-good displays or exhibits found in this place include some artworks that are related to the ocean as well as several art pieces from the Aborigines.

2. Aviation Heritage Center. You would be able to find plenty of aviation related memorabilia as well as several artifacts at this heritage center. Be sure to get a good look at a B-52 bomber. There are only two of them that are currently exhibited or found outside the United States. Added things on display here are some military aircraft.

3. Indo-Pacific Marine. You could see exhibits of genuine living coral reefs as well as a vast array of unique marine species such as fish and sharks here at Indo-Pacific Marine. The spot wherein the display is placed is currently in a dilapidating situation, but it is presently being redeveloped to attract more tourists.

4. Mindil Beach. Even before the sun begins to set during the week, especially on Thursdays and Sundays and during summer season, both the locals and tourists of Darwin start to gather together on this particular beach, bringing along their chairs, tables, as well as blankets to simply enjoy the relaxing evening. Several dishes such as Indian, Thai, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Greek, Malaysian, and Portuguese are available for the crowd to partake, and at times, you may be able to actually see some live entertainment to cap off a perfect evening.

5. Darwin Crocodile Farm. This crocodile farm is where you can find more than 8,000 freshwater as well as saltwater crocodiles. If you want to see the crocodiles be fed, you should drop by during the early part of the afternoon. There are also plenty of day tours available that travellers can participate in.

6. Howard Springs. This swimming area is bordered by thriving forests and it is also a brilliant place to have a refreshing swim or just to unwind. Take note, however, that this place can be a little bit crowded during the weekends, but it is still worth your while. All members of your family would be mesmerized by the various species of turtles, fish, and docile wallabies that skim near the springs.