Deadly Distractions – Applying Makeup While Driving

If you are a woman who considers makeup application to be a part of your daily routine, chances are you have been caught in the following situation more than once.

You pushed the snooze button on the alarm clock one too many times, pulled yourself out of bed and hurriedly went about making coffee, brushing your teeth and making your hair look half way decent. You then hop into the car and start speeding in order to get to work on time. Somewhere on the way you realize you are missing the make up that you feel naked without. You stop at a red and light and quickly snag your compact with foundation from your purse and start applying.

The light turns green, but you continue with base, powder, blush and lip stick. And just to make things more precarious than ever, you decide to start with your eye make up regimen which includes apply eye shadow, eye liner, the use of an eye lash curler and mascara to finish it off. When you are finally done, you put your attention back towards the road but remain completely unaware of the seven different situations in which you could easily have been involved in a serious wreck.

Cell Phones are not the Only Driving Distraction

While the dangers of talking on the phone while driving have been hotly debated and covered by the media, it is important to realize that there are many more driving distractions that exist. Putting on make up while you are behind the wheel can actually be much more dangerous than talking on the phone. Just because there are a number of laws preventing cell phone talking and texting while driving does not mean that it is inherently worse to engage in than other common driving distractions.

Make up application presents additional driving challenges. Many people who put on make up while driving look in their visor mirror during application to make sure it goes on straight. They also have something in their hand which means only one is on the steering wheel.

Eye make up has its own bag of potential dangers. If you need to suddenly stop and are waving a mascara wand in front of your eyes, you can stab yourself with it and possibly even become blinded.