Deadly Frogs of the Amazon

Deadly Frogs

Who would ever think that a brightly and colorful frog could be so ever dangerous? Well, think again. Deep in the tropical rain forests of South America and in places such as the Amazon or Peru, these deadly bright creatures can instantly kill either a predator who happens to decide to attack them for food or from them being handled by picking them up and the mucus from their skin penetrating into the skin of their unharmed victim. Native Indians or the indigenous people of the Rainforest have used the venom of these creatures either in warfare with neighboring tribes or as a weapon to hunt for their food. The poison emanating from these small, slimy creatures and used by the Native Indians in their dart guns have dropped many an enemy or food source.

Poison Dart Frogs

These frogs are sometimes referred to as "Dart Frogs" or poisonous frogs and are some of the world's most beautiful frogs in the South American rain forest. Dart Frogs are small dwelling frogs and range in size from a few centimeters such as the Strawberry Dart Frog to a little larger than three inches such as the Dyeing Poison Frog. As one can imagine, these frogs are named after the poison they secret from their skin. Tribesman or Indians living in South American used these secretaries to make poison darts. These darts were later used in Tribal Warafare in addition to being used for hunting. There is one type of Dart Frog that stands out as the one that many of the tribes prefer and that farog is called the "Golden Poison Dart Frog." This frog is one of the larger species of Poison Arrow Frog. Like its relative, the Blue Dart Frog, it reaches a length of approximately three inches.

Another type of Dart Frog is the yellow frong and this bright yellow color, it really stand out when traveling through the Rainforest, almost advertising to all animals that come in contact with it how poisonous it can be. It has been estimated that there is enough poison or "Batrachotoxins in its secretions to kill over 10,000 rats or 7 or more human beings. when they took a drink of water that a leaf Terribilils crossed over filled into a bowl or cup of water.

Even those these Dart Frogs are especially venomous, the poison, Batrachotoxins specifically found in the Gold Poison Dart Frog, can benefit mankind. Scientist have been able to isolate a certain component found in their toxins that has been found to be 1000 times more effective than morphine in treating pain with zero addictive properties. But the problem is that scientists are still unsure how these tiny frogs get their toxic characteristics. Scientists have asked themselves, "why is this so?" Many top thinkers believe that these type of poisonous frogs obtain their toxicity from their diet which consist of insects and primarily ants. And to go even further, many feel that these frogs rely on a specific species of plant which also includes fungi. This shows how everything is intertwined with nature in some form or another.