Deck Balusters: Bringing Your Project Together

If you asked ten contractors what they felt was the most important aspect of deck building, you would probably get ten different answers. The truth is that there is no “most important aspect”. As long as the structure is sound and the platform is safe, everything else is just details. But each of these details is important in their own way. Take deck  balusters . Deck  balusters  are an essential accessory, both aesthetically and functionally. If you want your balcony to live up to the vision in your head, you need to bring your project together with the right railings.


One of the most popular forms of deck  balusters  are CXT rails. These are made from a composite material, which gives you the best of both worlds. This composite comes in several colors, meaning you have multiple options on an aesthetic front. Few homeowners want to decorate a brown patio with bright red railings, but you always have that option if you’re looking to do something different. The posts themselves come with a cap that provides the railing with a unique flair. Too many builders focus on aesthetics to the detriment of function or vice versa. With CXT railings, you can get a nice combination of both.


Whether you’re building a new patio or repairing an existing one, you’re undoubtedly going to be introduced to aluminum deck  balusters . The reason is simple: they are very popular and they are wonderful for outdoor applications. They are much more durable than comparable choices and they aren’t going to rot in the face of daily rain (a major concern for many homeowners). They are also significantly rust resistant, which is important both from a durability standpoint and an aesthetic one. If you have a contractor that understands the value of appearances, he will guide you towards aluminum choices that won’t clash with your wood.

Safety Considerations

Deck  balusters  are about providing safety for those who use the structure. While it would be unusual to see a patio without them even if there was another safety mechanism in place, their primary function is to keep people from falling through the rails. Therefore, you must make sure the railings you choose can perform that simple function. Some homeowners choose to use secondary handrails to offer additional security. Talk with your contractor about making sure your structure is safe for children, pets, and adults before making your choices.