Deck Railings

Deck railings bring additional beauty to the deck. They provide for a safe boundary between the surface of the deck and the space beyond, so that people walking on the deck will not fall off. Deck railings distinguish between one deck and another. Railings have a major effect on the deck because they are the silhouettes of the structure. When you design a deck according to your personal style, visualize how you want your deck railing to look like.

Deck railings come in different styles. Choose a style according to your budget, time, and energy, looks and use. It is always advisable to decide on a deck railing before building it. The most important factor to be considered while installing a railing is the stability.

If the deck is above certain distance from the ground, normally 30 inches, a railing may be mandatory. When it comes to the material for the railing, your deck railing designs do not necessarily have to match the material you use to build the deck itself. On the other hand, you may prefer the deck components not only to match each other, but also to match the colors and materials your home was constructed with.

Glass balusters are used as railings nowadays, as glass offers more elegance and sophistication to your deck and also more visibility from the structure. But safety is a big question mark. Iron is used as an ornamental metal but it has a tendency to rust due to weather. Other accessories like flower boxes, centerpiece for balusters, and post caps give an ornamental look to the railings.