Decorating a Room – How to Select Flooring

Because flooring is something you do not want to replace often and the dominance it has on a space, it should be the first design choice you make in any room. Carpet, laminate, tile, and other choices can transform the entire look and feel of a space. Therefore, you want to make sure that effect is a positive one. Once you have chosen what will go under your feet, it is far easier to decide what to put with it to create the look of your dreams.

The Use Of The Space

You need to determine what the room will be used for as well as the amount of traffic the space will see. In a room that has a greater chance of spills or messes, you want to make sure the flooring you choose is quick and easy to clean. If you were working with a bathroom, for instance, tile would stand up far better than a plush carpet. In a master bedroom, however, a luxurious carpet is perfect since it adds comfort to the space and will be easy to upkeep with the light traffic.

The Location Of The Room And Who Uses It

Dirt and stains are a never-ending battle that can have serious negative effects on the floor. When selecting a style, think about where the room is in the general scheme of things. If the room has exterior doors, select a type that's easy to clean and maintain. A bedroom typically does not collect as much dirt. If you are working with a child's room that connects directly to an art area and playroom, laminate, hardwood, or even Berber carpet makes a far better choice.

Consider The Size Of The Space

The size of a room has a significant impact on the type of flooring. If you have a large room, dark colored carpet, hardwood, and other mediums can make the area feel more comfortable and warm. Light colors can make small spaces look considerably larger. The shape of the room should also affect your choice. Wide areas can look even larger and add visual interest when you use patterns. Narrow areas, on the other hand, can have patterns as well. However, you will want to break this up with furniture and accessories such as mats.

Personal Taste

Whatever you decide to put on the floor needs to fit in with your color scheme and anything else you choose to place in the room. If you have wood furniture with gray overtones, you want to ensure this fits in with the rest of the tones in the room. Dark colors are ideal for spaces that will have a romantic or traditional decor theme. Lastly, you will be stuck with your decision for a while, so make sure it is a color you absolutely love.

Whether you are working with a bathroom in Tulsa, or an entire home in Chicago, carpet, hardwood, and other types of flooring becomes a vital piece of the decorating puzzle. By considering these factors when you make your decision, you can feel confident in your choices and really enjoy the space when it's complete.