Decorating Around Your Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are interesting, but unlike regular staircases, they’re not easy to decorate. Most spiral staircases, especially if they’re in a location that’s easily seen, attract enough attention and decorating around them would just make the space seem cumbersome. Although what if the spiral staircase is there because you are trying to save space and you would still want to decorate, or at the very least place some of your stuff around the staircase. What do you do?

While traditional staircases are usually located in areas where one side of it is on a wall and it’s pretty easy to hang art or framed pictures on that wall, staircases aren’t always configured that way. Spiral staircases usually hang from the ceiling, sometimes even at the center of the room.

In cases like this, the best way to decorate or to utilize the space around the stairs to place your things is to clear spaces where you put furniture like your chairs and move them near or around the staircase, facing away. This way, some spaces will be relieved of the bigger furniture and you can use these spaces to put bookshelves or hang art. The chairs, if arranged strategically on one side of the staircase’s perimeter, can create an interesting conversation piece and a stunning arrangement.

The danger of this, though, is that some furniture may provide hindrances or obstacles when getting to the spiral staircase. To avoid this, you must place the furniture away from the foot of the staircase. And group the furniture, basically the chairs and perhaps coffee table, like you would normally do.

In cases wherein the staircase hangs from a corner, you can decorate like you would with a regular staircase just be careful not to over-decorate and remain in tune with the theme of the staircase. If its lines are clean and simple, try to keep the lines of the décor minimal, or instead of using elaborate décors, use ones with clean lines in bold colors.

Lastly, one fun thing about having a staircase is that they look good and especially festive when you decorate them for occasions like the Holidays. With delicate taste and powerful restraint, you may even be able to turn it into a non-tacky Christmas Tree-like holiday décor.