Decorating Christmas Ornaments, Spray Painting Techniques to Change the Color of Holiday Decorations

Paint and Christmas do go together and can create beautiful things from old items that would otherwise be thrown away. Learn how to change the look of your old Christmas items and give them new life and a new color. How often would you like to change the colors you use at the holidays but do not want to spend the money? It is easy with the use of paint to completely change the color and look of old Christmas items.

Spray paint is the answer here, it comes is wonderful colors and can be used for virtually any application. Christmas ornaments and garland and even Christmas trees can be transformed with a single can of spray paint.

Would you like to completely change the look and most importantly the color of Christmas this year? Now is the time and it is as easy as picking the new color and purchasing the exact color in spray paint. It is easy to find and easy to use.

Some examples of things I have transformed with new color. Say for example this year you would like to have copper color as the theme color for your Christmas decorations. Do you know that you can paint over any Christmas tree ornaments with paint? You can use spray paint or even the paints that come in 2 oz sizes at the craft stores. Don’t be afraid very few things are off limits.

I had a small tree that I wanted to have a big impact in one area of my home (I love Christmas and it shows). That year I had the color blue as my accent color throughout the house in my decorations. I took an amazing color of blue metallic spray paint and painted my small artificial Christmas tree. It was amazing; I sprayed the tips with spray glue and put the white iridescent snowflakes on the tips, adding small clear lights. I took some of my small ornaments and repainted them shades of blue and white. Taking others and painting them shiny silver. The only money spent was for the spray paint.

If you have plastic garland guess what there is spray paint that is specially made for plastic and works well to transform plastic garland to any color that you want this season. Wreathes that are not the color you want simply spray them with the color that works, it is as easy as that.

I often by ropes of accent garland from Halloween several days after, it is usually 90% off and in the color orange. Usually it is not my color, (I have been big into copper for a couple years), and so I just find the spray paint color that matches what I want. I spray the strands then I use them as accents in my arrangements, on the tree or in candle arrangements for the table or even I make beautiful wreaths out of them. The cost is under two dollars for yards of garland in my color.

The only limitation is your imagination; you can also use this technique on fresh greens from the yard. Have fun, keep the costs to a minimum and have a magnificent custom Christmas.