Decorating Office Cubicles the Eco Friendly Way

For most people, eight hours a day if not more is spent within the workplace. Often, cubicles within the office can leave you feeling as grey as the carpet beneath your feet. If your space is long overdue for a much needed makeover, there are lots of ways to make it more appealing. These Eco-friendly ideas are a sure way to make decorating office cubicles easy and fun and go from drab to fab.

We all know that plants can enliven just about any room. But did you know that they can be beneficial as well? Not only has it been proven that they reduce stress and increase work productivity, they also improve air quality. For people who work in an environment with indoor plants, twelve percent were more likely to work more and have less stress. So go ahead and add some greenery. Whether it’s lilies, tulips, or just your common houseplant, they’re a great addition to any space.

Pictures are a fun way to add a sense of personalization in the workplace. Whether your favorite pooch, feline, or friends and family are displayed, photos can be a reminder of what’s waiting for you after a long, hard day. Try using frames made out of recycled wood products or bamboo. Not a huge fan of clutter? A cork bulletin board, full of all your favorite fans, can solve this issue and is earth friendly.

Tired of staring at the same computer for hours on end? Show your expressive side by changing your wallpaper or download an impressive screen saver. Like sports? Display your favorite team. Not only does it beat the plain windows background that is normally shown, but it also gives your eyes something to look forward to when they need a break.

Don’t have a window? No problem! Put up a picture of your favorite landscape. This can give you the feeling of being outside when in all reality; you’re confined to being inside. A landscape photo can put you in a peaceful and serene frame of mind. Not bad to look at when your boss is really pressing a deadline or your phone won’t stop ringing off the hook.

A candy dish is not only a good thing to have when you’re craving a sweet treat, but it can also be eye pleasing as well. Grab a bowl from home that is colorful and appealing or a unique looking jar. M&M’s and skittles can add lots of color. Peppermints make a nice arrangement as well as other types of hard candy. Trying to stay away from sweets? Grab some trail or granola mix to munch on. Candy dishes can change with the seasons and holidays as well.

Tired of all those sticky notes and extra paperwork? Make a recycling container! Spruce up an old box with nice wrapping paper or use an antique crate from your local thrift store. Not only will your work space be free from distracting clutter, but you’re also doing the environment a favor as well.

Although decorating office cubicles can be a fun way to express yourself, be careful not to over personalize, as workplace etiquette still applies. Offending your co-workers won’t get you any brownie points on your latest redecorating skills. You wouldn’t want a half naked poster of a man or woman displayed inside your cubicle or the latest raunchy joke hanging from a thumbtack.